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Police Officer Brings Positive Policing To His Neighborhood


Police Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department is making a positive impact in his community every single time he is on duty. When Officer Tommy pulls up kids go running to the police car, not from it. They know that he is bringing candy, gifts, and a positive experience. His dedication has inspired others to become police officers or do things in the community to make it a more positive environment for everyone.

Ome example of how his positive policing has made him a friend of his community is told by Officer Norman here:

“Today I was contacted by the family of a North Little Rock resident who recently passed away. The family was going through items of their deceased mother & located a photo album that included this photo from a newspaper story in 2010. The handwritten notes on the photo made me smile, especially the “My Friend” & “Neighbor Hood Street Cop.” The sweet lady who passed away is one who I visited each time I would see her on her front porch. This lasted for several years until she became ill. Little did I know, as her family explained, Miss Matilda took a lot of pride in the friendship we shared, which is evident by this photo & the hand written notes. I am thankful to have shared a bond with Miss Matilda. A privilege for sure. Community Policing can have a far reaching effect when you don’t even realize it! ğŸ™ŒğŸ½ğŸ™ğŸ½ğŸ’™ğŸŒŽğŸ‘®ğŸ½ğŸš” #CommunityPolicing #LifeChanger #Powerful”

Officer Norman - A Friend To His Community

His Instagram account is full of videos showing his daily interactions with the community and how he is beloved by the people he serves and protects. See his Instagram account by clicking here.



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