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Football Team Lifts An SUV To Free Woman Trapped Underneath

The Idaho football team known as The Black Knights was heading home to Boise from a tournament in California when they saw a SUV flip over right in front of the team’s vehicle. Their coach pulled over and the teenage football players rushed to action to help the people in the SUV. All of the team members are 13 or younger, but they took with quick and heroic action. The team members helped the man out of the SUV, and he said, “Thank you, now get my wife.” The team saw the woman was wedge underneath the car, trapped under the windshield, and held in by the seat belt. They cut the seat belt off and then lifted the SUV in order for their coach to remove the trapped woman from the SUV. Allen and Maggie Hartman, the husband and wife in the SUV, are recovering from some broken ribs, but are otherwise very grateful for the heroism of their “Black Knights In Shining Armor.” Maggie Hartman said of the boys, “They were so good. They did not act like they were scared at all, and they knew what they were doing. They knew how to be careful. They were just amazing young men.” She added, “They were absolutely wonderful, and so polite!”



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