This Grandfather And Granddaughter Have Warmed More Than A Few Hearts

Playing Piano With Rescued Cats Never Gets Old

Cat Plays The Piano While Napping

Baby Elephants Love To Make Friends And Cuddle

Getting Cats To Pose for Pictures Can Be A Struggle

The owners of the goats say of them:

“Every morning is an adventure on a goat farm! They do so many funny things during morning chores it is impossible to capture all the shenanigans, but this is a little taste of the fun. Dakota has learned how to escape the kid stall at night to be with her mom (I am just letting it go because as a new grandma I am a big softy and I think it’s cute), Tess’ boy’s love to jump on her back, and our tiniest goat Lennie nurses every chance he gets, like when Tess is distracted by breakfast. A couple goats who have lots of siblings get a bottle of the morning’s milk if they want it and two have learned to stand on their back feet like acrobats to get the most milk!”


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