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Alberta, Canada’s Jannet Talbott noticed a squirrel in her yard that had some seriously long teeth and was having issues eating. She learned squirrel dentistry from YouTube so she could help a critter with abnormally large teeth.

Jannet Talbott watched the squirrel struggling to eat and wanted to help him. She grabbed Bucky out of the feeder and watched YouTube videos to learn how to trim squirrel teeth. #sabretoothsquirrel

And voila! After some much needed dental work, Bucky’s face looks entirely different. He ran up the tree and rubbed his cheeks on it – something he couldn’t do before. #sabretoothsquirrel

The day after Jannet Talbott rescued little Bucky and played tooth fairy for him, he was back in the feeder – this time eating whole peanuts! #sabretoothsquirrel

Here’s what Janett used to trim Bucky’s teeth – a cuticle trimmer. And yes, that is one of the squirrel’s teeth beside it. #sabretoothsquirrel

Before the dental work, Janett Talbott thinks Bucky could only eat shelled and crushed sunflower seeds, but now he’s going for the peanuts! #sabretoothsquirrel


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