The MPRRaccoon – Story Of A Building Climbing Raccoon

Continuing our raccoon theme from yesterday we have a great story that unfolded live yesterday in St. Paul, Minnesota. A raccoon was noticed stranded a few floors up near the UBS Plaza building.

Then it was presumed that the raccoon had rescued himself as he started climbing UP the outside of the building! Also, by this point he had earned the name MPRRaccoon, since the Minnesota Public Radio was doing live coverage of him.

Some well meaning workers tried to get the raccoon down and he just moved over to the UBS Plaza building. At this point the raccoon was now 5 stories high!

He did not stop there for long. He later made it to 12 stories up.

Then 15 stories up on the building!

He got 20 stories up and then took a break on one of the narrow ledge outside the windows.

Here is another image to give some perspective of how high up he was.

A little nap before some more climbing.

Nap time is over, time to climb!

Tim Nelson, the reporter covering the MPRRaccoon mentioned some important points for those concerned about the raccoon:

For those of you worried about #mprraccoon: I’ve talked to wildlife experts, who say getting close to raccoon may invite attack or prompt it to leap or fall from ledge. Fire officials say they can’t in good conscience risk a life putting a FF over the side of bldg for a raccoon.

For those of you worried about #mprraccoon: Animal control folks have put live trap on tower roof with aromatic food, hope raccoon smells it and can make its way to the roof, be captured and safely brought down to the ground. Not much else to do but wait and hope.

Here is an image that puts it in perspective on how high up this raccoon had scaled in a day!

A crowd had started to gather to watch the safe rescue of the MPRRaccoon.

Even Luna the dog came to make friends with the MPRRaccoon.

Some took to artistically represent what they thought MPRRaccoon was doing climbing the building.

Late into the night the MPRRaccoon decided to climb down a few floors.

He got back down to the 17th floor after having made it up to the 24th floor at one point.

At midnight Tim Nelson reported:

“Here’s your midnight update: The #mprraccoon is moving…laterally. Still on 17th floor, making its way around the building.”

Then at 1 am he reported:

Here’s your 1A CDT update: #mprraccoon is still on 17th floor. Seems to have stopped moving since TV lights lit up face of UBS tower building. Will update again in 1 hr.

The 2 am update followed:

Shortly after this point MPRRaccoon decided it was time to complete his journey. He made it up on to the roof!

Here is a video summary of the whole MPRRacoon ordeal.

Shortly after sunrise the UBS Plaza building company announced that the MPRRacoon was caught in a live trap, had a nice meal, and is being transported by wildlife management to a safe location back in nature!

Another summary of the events surrounding the MPRRaccoon:

UPDATE: Wildlife Management Services released a video showing the MPRRaccoon being released safely back into the wild. They also referred to the raccoon as a “she,” so the raccooon may have been a female raccoon (though most of the reporting referred to the MPRRaccoon as “he.” Male or female, the MPRRaccoon is cute, gravity-defying, and beloved.

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